TDS Online Payment : Procedure To Pay TDS

The Process of payment of income tax online.

2.Select the Challan form 281,
3.Fill the the selected form
(Few Points)
  • If the deductee is a company then select ‘(0020) Company Deductee’. But if a deductee is a person other than the company then select ‘(0021) Non-Company Deductees’.
  • Then select the type of payment. If TDS/TCS is payable by the taxpayer by himself select ‘(200) TDS/TCS Payable by Taxpayer’. However, if TDS is payable via regular assessment as an outcome of a demand raised by the income tax department choose ‘(400) TDS/TCS Regular Assessment’.
  • Select the type of payment on which TDS is to be paid. Check the TDS rates article for the nature of payments on which TDS is payable.
  • Choose the mode of payment. Payment can be made via the Net banking or Debit Card of the taxpayer.
  • Enter your TAN details. These details are used for online verification to check the validity of TAN. In case the TAN details are not available within the database of the income tax authorities, the taxpayer would not be allowed to proceed further.
  • Enter the relevant assessment year.
4.Select the Bank from which you want to transfer funds and click submit
5.You will lead to your net banking site , login your self and confirm the
payment .
e-receipt will be generated , save it for future use.