Procedure to pay Advance Income Tax Online


The Process of payment of income tax online.

2.Select the Challan form 280,
3.Fill the the selected form
(Few Points)
A) Tax Applicable – (0021) Income Tax (Other than Companies)
B) Assessment Year – Select as applicable
C) Type of Payment – (100)
Advance Tax
4.Select the Bank from which you want to transfer funds and click submit
a message will appear "The name of the taxpayer is as per the ITD TAN / PAN Master. You are required to verify the name before making payment.
If the name is right, then click on “Submit to the bank”
if your name is matched with income tax data base than click the submit to
bank button otherwise check your PAN.
5.You will lead to your net banking site , login your self and confirm the
payment .
e-receipt will be generated , save it for future use.